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  • On Rules of Probability Theory Explained:
    Example comment on the first article. This comment also demonstrates the ability to format text and insert code like:

    import numpy as np
    import scipy.stats as stats

    class HypothesisTest:
    def init(self, data): = data
    self.actual = self.TestStatistic(data)

    def PValue(self, iters=1000):
    self.test_stats = np.array([self.TestStatistic(self.RunModel()) for _ in range(iters)])
    count = sum(self.test_stats >= self.actual)
    return count / iters

    def TestStatistic(self, data):
    raise UnimplementedMethodException()

    def MakeModel(self):

    def RunModel(self):
    raise UnimplementedMethodException()

    Also, I can add formulae by wrapping them in a single or double '$' symbols:
    $$p(X = x_i) = \sum_{j=1}^{L} p(X = x_i, Y = y_j)$$